16 January 2011

Smart Bro USB stick trick | Free browsing with TOR browser

Smart Bro USB and TOR Vidalia Trick 

You need a SMART BUDDY sim and USE IT ! 
You need extra load 1-9 pesos for a trick to work! :D 

Ok you need to setup your Smart GUI see the screenshots:
[] Config Filename: Smart Buddy
[] Dial number: *99#
[] APN: internet
2. Setup your tor browser
search google -> tor browser -> choose the stable version vidalia
download: TOR vidalia

3. go to setting-> network -> set use proxy
port: 8080

Then Connect -> You will know it is successful cuz it will open a FIREFOX browser. :D enjoy

In Your Browser(chrome) Set Proxy SERVER

Address: Port: 8118

Same With Other Browser Just Set Proxy IP and Port!

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